About Us

Just about every kid gets a bicycle some day, and most kids try to fix their bikes at one time or another.  I was no exception to this rule growing up.  Then in the mid-eighties, I got my first mountain bike and really got the bug for trail riding.  Living five minutes from the Potawatomi trail, I used to ride there several times a week.  That was long before sanctioned races and before Olympic recognition of the sport.  There were just a few of us.  Wow the sport and technology sure has evolved since then!  And so did my career in the bicycle industry.

In 1989, the DNR banned mountain biking in the Michigan state parks.  Long story short, I hooked up with several key people around the state and we formed the Michigan Mountain Biking Association.  I sat across the table from the DNR Assistant Director and subsequently negotiated the reversal of the law.  I founded the Poto and Midstate chapters of the MMBA, was the first Poto chapter president, and served as the first MMBA vice president in 1990.

I worked for Cannondale from from 1991-1997. While serving as the northern California Account Manager,  I wrenched on Tinker, Myles, Sara, and Libor’s bikes in the early stages of the Volvo Cannondale team, and also pro wrenched at the Ironman Kona championship two years in a row.  I was later promoted to President of Cannondale Japan and (simultaneously) was the International Sales Manager for Cannondale, responsible for everything outside N. America and Europe.  Those years took us from California to Japan to Connecticut.  I made numerous land advocacy presentations around the world during that time, evangelizing the sport of mountain biking and land access.

Ever since the mid-eighties, I always wanted to start a pro bike shop in my hometown of Dexter.  I therefore endeavored to learn as much about the industry, from all the different sides as I could, with the hope that this broad knowledge base would be the foundation for a successful venture.  I’ve seen hundreds of shops around the world.  Our shop is modeled after all the best that I’ve seen.  We are proud to offer the best brands, the best bicycle service, and the best selection.  We are not the biggest shop around, but when you want the best brands, and friendly customer service, you’ll know where to shop… Dexter Bike and Sport.