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Welcome to dexterbikeandsport, a DexterBike and Sports LLC site. Cycles are the eco-friendliest mode of transport. It prevents pollution, it is a great exercise for your body and it also saves your money for commutation. Cycling can be considered both as a sport and a recreational activity. The other names of cycling are bicycling and biking. There are essentially three forms of biking that require super sport bikes, namely road racing, pursuit, and cyclocross. One has to cycle to cover long distances in the first, cycle on an oval-shaped track in the second and through the open country in the third type of cycling. In the countries where cycling is a pretty popular sport, some fans are regularly visiting online casinos, so they can place bets on their favorite cyclists. On the other hand, other players are still using online casinos to play casino games, instead of betting on cycling. If you are one of them, and roulette is your favorite one, here on FreeRoulette you may play all online roulette variations for free, using no deposit bonuses.

Cycling as an Olympic Sport

Cycling has been a significant event in the Olympics ever since the inception of the modern Olympics. There are essentially four types of cycling events in the Olympics held separately for men and women categories.

  1. Track cycling: this event comes in 15 sub-events that are conducted on the tracks of distances varying from a 1/4th mile to 100 kilometers. There is also an event that requires the cyclist to cycle super sports bikes for 12 long hours.
  2. Road cycling: this event is similar to road racing, and the winner is determined by the minimum time taken to cover the distance.
  3. Mountain biking: a type of cross country biking which is again time bound.
  4. BMX: these are essentially off-road racing that resembles motocross racing and are held on rough terrains.
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Cycling - One of the Best Sports for Your Health

There are innumerable health benefits associated with cycling that can be achieved by performing it only for 15 minutes a day.

  1. It increases your cardiovascular fitness
  2. It increases the flexibility and strength of your muscles
  3. Joint mobility improves with regular cycling
  4. Your stress levels, anxiety, and depression decreases
  5. The coordination of your body and your posture improves
  6. It amazingly strengthens your bones
  7. Fights obesity
  8. Improves immunity

What Equipment Do You need for Cycling?

Cycling doesn’t require a lot of equipment. If you are a new biker, the best starter for you will be only a few types of equipment and you are good to go.
  1. Supersport bikes: a supersport bike is the most important thing to get started. You can shop dexter the top best looking, most expensive and most reliable super sports bike. Super sports bike can also be rented from bike rentals ann arbor. Bike rental ann arbor Michigan offers dexters rent good super sports bike at low cost.
  2. Padded shorts: for cycling at your convenience
  3. Cycling jersey: to soak up the sweat
  4. Water bottle for all the hydration that you will need and bottle cage to carry the bottle
  5. Pump for sufficient air in your tires, spare tube, and basic tools and chain oil to keep the gears moving properly
  6. Computer to track the distance and timings
  7. It is also important to have the best starter bike.

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10 Best World Cycling Tours

Here are the best cycling tracks that are so breathtakingly beautiful that you will regret not choosing cycling as an interest sooner.

  1. Otago Peninsula in New Zealand is a track by the coastline that comes with a great view of the blue ocean beyond the horizon.
  2. County Clare of Ireland is a track that runs through the picturesque towns and also the beaches
  3. San Juan Islands of United States are the tracks that run through the hilly terrains along with the coastline
  4. La Farola in Cuba is a highway in the meeting point of the sea and cliffs
  5. Cape Breton of Canada where you witness different views in different seasons
  6. Mont Ventoux of France is famous for its vineyards and great weather
  7. Isle of Wight in Great Britain is accessible to bikers of all age and shape
  8. The Great Ocean Road in the southeastern coast of Australia
  9. Sun Moon Lake at Taiwan is the largest lake to cycle by
  10. Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in part Canada and part United States

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6 Types of Cycling You Should Try

Cycling is not limited to a single form like most other sports. There are multiple varieties of biking that you can try from like:
  1. BMX: as mentioned earlier, it is the motocross racing of bikers. Best starter bike ever.
  2. Tandem Cycling: this type of cycle can be ridden by more than one person at a time
  3. Cyclocross: it’s a messy business as you cycle through mud
  4. Track: this one requires constant pedaling at a high speed
  5. Mountain: heavy bikes meant for mountains
  6. Road: easiest form and lightweight.

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