Bet on Cycling

The USA shares a very healthy statistic when it comes to cycling. The number of cyclists in the USA has increased drastically in the past few years and the trends in cycling are higher among the younger adults in the USA. Although cycling is considered the most eco-friendly mode of communication and the most sustainable way to maintain health and fitness, modern technology had almost sidelined cycling as an outdated item and propagated automotive vehicles instead. But thankfully the younger generation has realized the significance of biking and the cycling events are gaining more and more popularity in the USA and worldwide.

How to Bet on Cycling: The Basics

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Understanding Different Race Types in Cycling Betting

Although cycling events can be classified into various types, competitive cycling is more concerned with track racing. Track racing further has various forms based on the distance and time covered. Some of them are:

  1. Sprint: the track is of the length 250-1000 km and the race is usually run one on one. The one who crosses the end line wins
  2. Pursuit: it is a team play or an individual game where the racer catches his opponent or reaches the end line in a prescribed time
  3. Scratch race: this race has different parameters for men and women in which men have to ride 15kms to cross the end line and women have to ride 10 kilometers.
  4. Point’s race: as the name suggests, this race is all about accumulating points on leaving behind the opponents in a total distance of 25kms.

Things to Consider when Betting on Cycling

  • The first thing that you have to keep in mind while betting on a cycling event is to be thorough about the different disciplines
  • Learn about the teams because the team strength matters a great deal in the cycling races.
  • Learn about the market of the cycling event, you may bet on an individual racer or a team or sometimes you can also bet on the top 3.

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Upcoming Cycling Events

Here are the most popular cycling events in the world that you can bet on in the USA.

  1. Giro d’Italia Internazionale Femminile: the most popular cycle race of Europe, as well as the world, will be held on the roads of Italy from 5th to 14th of July.
  2. Tour de France will be held from 6th to 28th of July in the roads of France.

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