Our Services

At Dexter Bike and Sport, LLC when you bring your bike in for repairs, we will mount it in the repair stand and give it a thorough safety and performance check.  This is a free service.


Flat Tires
We will gladly air up your tires for free.  If you have tube punctures, both the tube and tire will be inspected to find and eliminate the cause.  A new tube and or tire will be recommended.


Tune-Up and Overhauls
We do tune-ups based on the diagnosis of your particular needs, which entails cleaning and adjusting, and the average tune cost is about $60-80.  Minor and major overhauls involve more substantial work than a basic tune, like headset, hub, and bottom bracket services.

Headshok and Lefty Service

We’ve been servicing the Cannondale suspension systems since 1993, and have serviced well over a thousand shocks from around the country over the years.  If you have air, oil, or needle bearing issues, we can likely get you fixed up quickly.  We are the Cannondale suspension experts.

Bike Rentals

We rent a fleet of Cannondale hybrids for use on the Hudson Mills bike path aka the Washtenaw County B2B Trail. We have a few Mtn bikes for the Potawatomi trail and some Fat bikes too.  We rent seasonally and do not let them go out in inclement weather so please call in advance for pricing and availability!

Basic Fit
Every bike purchasing customer is offered a basic fitting.  We will set the seat height, fore-aft position, and measure your body angles while you are on the bike, and optimize your position for comfort and performance.  We will help you with mountain bike sizing, road and hybrid sizing. This is a free service.

Sport Fit
We use our bikefitting tools to measure your body: height, inseam, torso, shoulders, arm length.  This data is used to ensure the selection of the right bike size and set-up, particularly for high end bikes.  Fee based.


Pro Fit
This is a multi-step process which involves  the sport fit measurements, then we enter the data into the computer which prints a cad drawing of the optimal geometry for you.  We then verify the data with our adjustable sizing cycle.  The final step is to measure you on your bike and confirm and fine tune the final fit.  The Pro Fit is most often used by riders who are ordering a custom build frame, which requires the angles and tube lengths by the builder.

Fee based.